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    Over the past 35 years we have had an opportunity to work with some outstanding realtors in three countries, but out of all of those professionals, Beth Styne is the hands-down best. Not only did she take the time to get to know us, she picked up on our needs and our priorities with incredible speed and sensitivity. Within hours she had provided us a list of available properties, each of which would have met our needs. Despite the inconveniences of COVID-19 she was able to get us in to see them within a day, and we were able close on a home that delighted us, at our price, within a week. And the experience could not have been more pressure free, more effortless, and, frankly, more fun. Escrow went smoothly because Beth actively shepherded the process, double-checking the paperwork and working with the sellers and escrow company to make sure our interests were completely looked after. But there is more to Beth than process or speed. Working with Beth is like working with your best friend. She is a champion, a counselor, a helper, and a concierge. By the time we were done, she made sure we knew the neighborhood, the best local service providers, the right painters and electricians to call, and even the best place to order pizza. And naturally, she is deeply knowledgeable not only of the fundamentals of real estate but of the nuances of every neighborhood and street – and it seems like every property – in the areas on which she focuses. In short, Beth Styne is the poster model for the National Association of Realtors, not a mere broker or salesperson, but a trusted advisor, counselor, and advocate focused on enabling our smooth transition into a new home, from search to perch. We will be looking for opportunities to work with Beth again, and to recommend her to friends, colleagues, and family. Trust me, you can do no better, anywhere.